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Bronx Bombers

by Eric Simonson
Circle in The Square 
Eric Simonson, Director
Bill Dawes, Francois Battiste, Peter Scolari and Keith Nobbs
Peter Scolari, Tracy Shayne and C.J. Wilson
Peter Scolari
John Wernke and Company
Christopher Jackson, Peter Scolari, Tracy Shane and Francois Battiste

"Here's the spot to mention Beowulf Boritt's scenic design. Sending furniture up through the
Circle in the Square floor and dropping paraphernalia from the fly Boritt suspends an
eye-catching chandelier over the dinner table in Berra's dream. Hanging from it are any number
of round objects that may be glass baseballs. " -David Finkle, Huffington Post
"Beowulf Boritt’s neat set of the hotel room where Billy Martin and Reggie have their
confrontation even looks a little like a fight ring." -Marilyn Stasio, Variety
"Staging includes some impressive touches, as the cloud of stage fog and bursts of deafening
thunder heralding Ruth’s appearances. And scenic designer Beowulf Boritt has nicely
transformed the theater into a replica of the famous old Yankee Stadium." -Frank Scheck,
Hollywood Reporter