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Young Frankenstein

By Mel Brooks & Thomas Meehan
Garrick Theatre, London; Theatre Royal, Newcastle
Directed & Choreographed by Susan Stroman
Costume Design by William Ivey Long, Lighting Design by Ben Cracknell, Sound Design by Gareth Owen

Medical School
Hadley Fraser & Company

New York Pier
Hadley Fraser, Dianne Pilkington, & Company

Hay Ride
Hadley Fraser, Summer Strallen, & Ross Noble
Video showing the vaudeville tree roller effect: https://youtu.be/tk6b29mJUfA

Castle Frankenstein
Lesley Joseph, Hadley Fraser, & Summer Strallen

Drawing Room
Lesley Joseph & Hadley Fraser

Journey to the Dungeons (cut in previews)
Hadley Fraser & Summer Strallen

Village Square
Nathan Elwick, Richard Pitt, Sammy Kelly, Harriet Samuel-Gray, Perry O'Dea, Imogen Brooke, Josh Wilmott, Andrew Gordon-Watkins, Gemma Scholes, and Patrick Clancy

Transylvania Brain Depository
Ross Noble

Dr. Frankenstein's Lab
Summer Strallen, Lesley Joseph, Ross Noble, Shuler Hensley, and Hadley Fraser

Castle Frankenstein
Summer Strallen & Company

Hermit's Hut
Patrick Clancy & Shuler Hensley

Puttin' On The Ritz
Shuler Hensley & Hadley Fraser

Puttin' On The Ritz
Shuler Hensley

Puttin' On The Ritz
Shuler Hensley & Company

Transylvania Forest
Josh Wilmott & Patrick Clancy

Dr. Frankenstein's Lab
 Hadley Fraser, Ross Noble, Shuler Hensley, & Lesley Joseph

"“The set, by the brilliantly named Beowulf Boritt, is suitably spoof-like: it recreates Transylvania via painted backdrops, not to mention that impressive castle door (with knockers). There is even a revolving bookcase with a secret switch.” ~Ann Treneman, The London Times

“The fabulously named Beowulf Boritt  has stayed faithful to the Gothic aesthetic of the 1974 film.” ~Dominic Cavendish, The London Telegraph

“Susan Stroman, as director and choreographer, orchestrates the extravaganza perfectly and Beowulf Boritt’s designs have just the right antiquarian oddity.”~Michael Billington, London Guardian

“With its painted gothic backdrops (Beowulf Boritt did the sets), this “Young Frankenstein” brings to mind the hoary old days of the music hall.” Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“Susan Stroman who has brought it with such a flourish to the stage, her brilliant design team led by set designer Beowulf Boritt and costume designer William Ivey Long.” ~Mark Shenton, LondonTheatre.com

“Stroman directed the original Broadway production of Young Frankenstein after winning a Tony for staging Brooks’ The Producers in 2001. Brooks called her “a genius” and said, “When she did The Scottsboro Boys, she hired a genius guy who does crazy sets, all kinds of imaginative sets. His name is Beowulf Boritt — you can imagine how crazy he is!” ~Robert Viagas, Playbill

"Taking its cue from the receding frames of Beowulf Boritt's sets, Young Frankenstein at once pastiches and revels in the stage musical era of frontcloths and blackouts that hearken back to an end-of-pier, vaudevillian era." ~Matt Wolf, The Art Desk

"Beowulf Boritt's set comprised of gorgeous painted cloths and utilizing some wonderful pyrotechnics that really brought the action into the auditorium." ~Douglas Mayo, British Theatre.com