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Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Choreographed by Steven McMahon

Ballet Memphis


Kendall G. Britt & Julie Marie Niekrasz

Night Flight
Stephanie Mei Hom, Kendall G. Britt, Dylan G-Bowley, Julie Marie Niekrasz & Travis Bradley

The Neverland
Virginia Pilgrim, Charles Cooper, Ben Slayen, Jared Bronson, Stephanie Mei Hom & Julie Marie Niekrasz

Mermaid Lagoon
Crystal Brothers & Cecily Khuner

The Neverland
 Kendall G. Britt & Company

Pirate Ship
Brandon Ramey,  Kendall G. Britt & Company

"Another superlative is the set created by noted Broadway designer Beowulf Boritt who employs the clever theme of circles, ovals and arcs. The opening scene in the children’s bedroom has a Victorian moon looking in through a huge oval window that splits apart so the youngsters can fly away. Later scenes in Neverland are boldly designed, from lush forests to the pirate ship."            ~Jon W. Sparks, Go Memphis