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The Blue Flower

by Jim Bauer & Ruth Bauer
Second Stage Theatre
Will Pomerantz, Director
Kabaret Voltaire
Marc Kudisch, Teal Wicks, Sebastian Arcelus, Graham Rowat, Meghan McGeary, Julia Osborne & Aaron Serotsky
Art School
Julia Obsorne, Marc Kudisch & Company
Dark Party
Marc Kudisch & Company
Angels on the Levee
Mark Kudisch & Meghan McGeary
Pro Patria Mori
Joseph Medeiros, Meghan McGeary, Marc Kudisch & Company
"The set (by Beowulf Boritt) is beautiful and stylish."
~The New Yorker

"Beowulf Boritt has designed an amazing towering set...multi-level, wooden scaffolding with bridges, stairs, ladders, wheels and pulleys. It looms on a stage of wooden planks where a large moveable square table serves when needed as a performing stage.'
~Simon Saltzman, CurtainUp