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by Christopher Curtis & Thomas Meehan            
Warren Carlisle, Director & Choreographer
Barrymore Theater, 2012
            State Theatre for Musical Comedy, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2013
Rob McClure
Music Hall
Christiane Noll, William Ryall & Company
Sennett Studios
Michael McCormick, Rob McClure, Sara Edwards & Company
Chaplin's Dressing Room
Rob McClure and Wayne Alan Wilcox
Hollywood Party
Lisa Gadja, Timothy Hughes, Emily Tyra, Michael Mendez, Sara Edwards, William Ryall, Emilee Dupre,
 Ian Liberto, Adam Rogers, Rob McClure, Wayne Alan Wilcox, Renee Marino and Justin Bowen
Look-Alike Contest
Sara O'Gleby, Rob McClure and Timothy Hughes
Roll Dance
City Lights Boxing Match
Jen Collella, Hayley Podschun, Rob McClure & Company
Hedda Hopper's Hollywood
Jenn Colella
1972 Academy Awards
Erin Mackey and Rob McClure

 State Theatre for Musical Comedy, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2013

" The physical production is elaborate and stunning, with sets by Beowulf Boritt."
 ~Thom Geier, Entertainment Weekly
"What’s most successful, and most striking, about Chaplin is its look. Director Warren Carlyle and his design team have, ingeniously, rendered the stage and the cast as an early-Hollywood silent-picture world. Nearly everything is in black, white or shades of gray: the Deco-influenced, movie-scenery sets by Beowulf Boritt, the costumes by Amy Clark and Martin Pakledinaz, even the makeup by Angelina Avallone."
~ Jese Oxfeld, NY Observer
"What remains indelible is the visual imprint of the production. Beowulf Boritt’s sets and Amy Clark and Martin Pakledinaz’s costumes give black-and-white sophistication a good name" 
~Brendan Lemon, The Financial Times

"Clever touches abound, such as monochromatic costumes by the late Martin Pakledinaz and Amy Clark and sets by Beowulf Boritt that give the production the look of an old B&W movie."
~Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter
"Unfolding amid fluent black, white and grey visuals by designer Beowulf Boritt." 
~Michael Sommers, NJ Newsroom
"A great big tip of the hat to the technical designs rendered almost entirely in shades of black and white evoking silent films, complete with flickering lights and expert use of projections." 
~Roma Torre, NY1
"It looks good! The stylish project’s sets and projections are all white, black or gray." 
~Elisabeth Vincentelli,  NY Post
" Designed largely in shades of gray by Beowulf Boritt (sets) and Amy Clark and Martin Pakledinaz (costumes), “Chaplin” presents life at the top as “la vie en gris.”"
~Ben Brantley, New York Times
" The monochrome sets (Beowulf Boritt) and costumes (Amy Clark and the late Martin Pakledinaz) have an Art Nouveau elegance that’s strikingly illuminated by Ken Billington."
 ~Jeremy Gerard, Bloomberg News