The Happy Elf

by Harry Connick, Jr. & Andrew Fishman
First Stage Theatre
John Rando, Director
Santa's Workshop
Bryce Lord & Company
Michael James Leslie & Company
North Pole
Bryce Lord & Jared Gertner
The What Machine
Harris Dolan
Michael James Leslie & Company
North Pole Signs
Bluesville Signs
Set Rendering
"As they settle into their seats people are greeted by Beowulf Boritt's fun and imaginative North Pole set. Beneath a snow frosting, two festively colored buildings sit on the tundra at slightly rakish angles. Advertising with familiar logos promotes "Barnes & Snowble," "Northstarbucks" coffee and "Victoria's Secret Santa." Christmas spirit shines like a guiding star from the stage. With just a few shutters closed and a differently colored wash of lighting, the set instantly and magically is transformed later into Bluesville, the polar opposite of Santa's jolly campus."
~Damien Jaques, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel