Merry Wives of Windsor

by William Shakespeare
Trinity Repertory Company
Kevin Moriarty, Director
Act I, scene i
Act I, scene iii
Act III, scene v
Act III, scene iii
"Beowulf Boritt's two tier, tripartite set design is sublime."
~Ed Seigel, The Boston Globe

"Ensconced in a posh apartment building called The Windsor designed exquisitely by Beowulf Boritt."
~David Boyce, the Boston Herald

"A stunning set courtesy of one of my favorite designers, Beowulf Boritt, an apartment complex called- as the big, red- letter lights on the right wall proclaimed-The Windsor. Boritt offered us a cross-section of the building; the top level was Falstaff's bachelor pad, done in blue and orange with a prominently placed dart board, a mini-basketball hoop, and a few soft-core erotic paintings. A real grown-up kid's apartment."
~Peter Filicia, TheatreMania