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The New One

By Mike Birbiglia
additional material by Jennifer Hope Stein
Cort Theatre
Directed by Seth Barrish
Lighting by Aaron Copp

Mike Birbiglia
Mike Birbiglia
Mike Birbiglia
Mike Birbiglia

“Mr. Birbiglia seems not only to occupy but also to absorb and transmute every inch of the Cort’s naked stage. Appropriately, there’s more to Beowulf Boritt’s bare set than first meets the eye.” ~Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“Credit set designer Beowulf Boritt for interjecting magic while keeping us unambiguously in a theater.” ~Bob Verini, Daily Variety

“Birbiglia prowls around Beowulf Boritt’s spare stage (concealing one of this autumn’s best Broadway visual surprises)” ~Tim Teeman, Daily Beast

“Birbiglia arrives on a near-empty stage. (There’s a standard-issue stool, but the remarkable before & after moment that happens during the play, which I won’t spoil, pretty much vanquishes recall of anything pre-after). ~Greg Evans, Deadline Hollywood

“The set—a “bare-stage” rendition of the Cort, complete with inner false proscenium pillars which carefully replicate the existing proscenium—is from Beowulf Boritt. The always resourceful designer also sees fit to present us with a bravura coup de théatre which exec. producer Ira Glass (of radio’s This American Life) has personally requested that the critics refrain from discussing.” ~Steven Suskin, NY Stage Review

“Beowulf Boritt’s (initially) spare set includes a wooden stool, which does a credible impression of a couch, thanks to the nimble performer.” ~Philip Boriff, Broadway Journal

“Director Seth Barrish ensures, along with the sensitive work of set designer Beowulf Boritt and Aaron Copp’s atmospheric lighting, that a succession of beautifully realized transitions remind us that we are in a theater and not a comedy club.” ~Elizabeth Bradley, Broadway News 

“Under Seth Barrish's direction, THE NEW ONE keeps a steady, casual tone consistent with Birbiglia's genial, nice-guy persona. The only moment of shear theatricality, a really good one, comes from set designer Beowulf Boritt.”~Michael Dale, BroadwayWorld