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The Other Side

by Ariel Dorfman
Manhattan Theatre Club
Blanka Zizka, Director

Lucille Lortel Award Nomination, Henry Hewes Award Nomination

John Cullum

The Wall Explodes
John Cullum, Gene Farber, Rosemary Harris

Graveyard Reveal
Rosemary Harris, John Cullum, Gene Farber

"squalid but neatly kept house, rendered in admirably precise detail by the designer Beowulf Boritt."
~Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

"An expressive set by Beowulf Boritt establishes mise en scene as a miserable hovel in the middle of a war zone. Inside this one-room shack: a tiny coal-burning stove, a few sticks of mismatched furniture, one sturdy marital bed (with a colorful, treasured quilt), a prized toilet and an open bookcase stuffed with files. Outside: cratered ground, blasted trees, exploding shells -- and rows of graves."
~Marilyn Stasio, Daily Variety

"Beowulf Boritt's evocative set, which contrasts warm hues of red and turquoise with the bleak greyness of the surrounding world, has texture and surprise."
~The New Yorker