A Bronx Tale

by Chazz Palminteri, Alan Menken and Glenn Slater

Longacre Theatre

also: Papermill Playhouse

Directed by Robert DeNiro & Jerry Zaks, Choreographed by Sergio Trujillo

Costumes by William Ivey Long, Lighting by Howell Binkley


Belmont Avenue

Bobby Conte Thornton, Rory Max Caplan, Dominic Nolfi,Cary Tedder and Keith White

Belmont Avenue

Richard Blake and company

City Island

Hudson Loverro and Richard Blake

The Chez Bippy

Paul Salvatoriello, Michael Barra, Ted Brunetti, Bobby Conte Thornton, Joey Sorge, Hudson Loverro and Nick Cordero.

The Chez Bippy basement

Jonathan Brody, Michael Barra, Hudson Loverro,Nick Cordero, Joey Sorge and company

Belmont Avenue

Rory Max Caplan, Dominic Nolfi, Bobby Conte Thornton and Keith White

Belmont Avenue

Bradley Gibson and Gilbert Bailey II

Fordham Road School

Ariana DeBose, Bobby Conte Thornton, Rory Max Caplan, Dominic Nolfi and Keith White

The Bronx

Bobby Conte Thornton, Keith White and company


Bobby Conte Thornton

Belmont Avenue

Bobby Conte Thornton, Lucia Giannetta, Joe Barbara, Brittany Conigatti, Kaleigh Cronin, Trista Dollison, David Michael Garry, Christiani Pitts, Kristin Tucker and company

Papermill Playhouse

Belmont Avenue

Jess Le Protto, Dominic Nolfi,Corey Mosello and Keith White

Belmont Avenue

Gilbert L. Bailey II, Isaiah Tyrelle Boyd, Coco Jones, David Michael Garry, Jess Le Protto, Dominic Nolfi,Corey Mosello, Keith White, Jonathan Brody, Jason Gotay, Lucia Giannetta, Brittany Conigatti,

Joe Barbara & Kirsten Tucker.

City Island

Richard H. Blake & Joshua Colley

The Chez Bippy

Jonathan Brody, Michael Barra, Paul Salvatoriello, Ted Brunetti, Nick Cordero, Joey Sorge & Jason Gotay


Richard H. Blake, Jason Gotay & company

Cousin's Records

Jason Gotay & Coco Jones

Webster Avenue

Aisha Jackson, Trista Dollison, Gilbert L. Bailey II, Isaiah Tyrelle Boyd & Coco Jones

Car wreck

Jason Gotay & company


Jonathan Brody, Joey Sorge, Paul Salvatoriello, Ted Brunetti, Michael Barra & Jason Gotay

Broadway.com video about the Design

Broadway World Story about the Design

"On a stylish set by Beowulf Boritt, featuring fire escapes and stoops silhouetted against blood-red vistas of the neighborhood, the action moves at a brisk, almost cinematic clip." ~Charles Isherwood, New York Times

“The sleek and simple sets, by Beowulf Boritt, featuring period fire escapes and storefronts, are light on their feet, sliding into place and reassembling almost in time to the music.” ~Charles Isherwood, New York Times

“From the opening image, there’s no doubt we’re on the rough side of the Bronx in 1960. Howell Binkley’s spectacular lighting design throws a pulsing red glow across the starkly beautiful but precariously stacked levels of wrought-iron fire escapes designed by Beowulf Boritt in the manner of the great Louis Sullivan. Although the color scheme (red!) and materials (iron!) define this place as a tough neighborhood, there are clear signs of humanizing touches everywhere: a faded Italian flag draped across one fire escape landing; window boxes of cheap but bright flowers; and the piercing call-to-dinner orders from Italian grandmothers all up and down the block.” ~Marilyn Stasio, Variety

“You get a strong sense for the time and location thanks to the work of scenic designer Beowulf Boritt who does such a standup job that you can almost smell what this street corner on Belmont Ave. must have been like.” ~Danny Groner, Huffington Post

“Beowulf Boritt's sets expertly evoke a romanticized mid-century Italian-American Bronx.” ~Patrick Maley, NJ.com

“Set designer Beowulf Boritt has been featured for weeks now on a television commercial for HP Spectre x360 and Windows 10, showing off his creations for "A Bronx Tale." They're beautiful to see in person.” ~Dave Quinn, NBC New York

“Scenic designer Beowulf Boritt evokes this locale, along with many others of the Bronx neighborhoods, with affectionate stylization. ~Frank Scheck, Hollywood reporter

“Beowulf Boritt’s gritty urban scenic design also contribute to the overall dramatic effectiveness.” ~Mark Windman, AM New York

“Thornton gives us a wistful welcome to the streets of his character's youth, realized to stunning effect by the towers of shadowy fire escapes lining Beowulf Boritt's set.” ~Hayley Levitt, Theatermania

“Beowulf Boritt’s picturesque mean-streets sets.” ~Linda Winer, Newsday

"The Broadway version has athletic choreography by Sergio Trujillo, and giant fire escapes that float on- and offstage, scenic design by Beowulf Boritt." ~Zachary Stewart, Theatremania

"They croon under a street lamp before Beowulf Boritt's striking set of fire escapes and front stoops, among other nostalgic elements of '60s blue-collar Bronx living." ~Haley Levitt, Theatermania

"Beowulf Boritt’s set design reflects the apartment complexes on Belmont Avenue. A striking scene on a pier, with a red sky background, is a perfect setting for Lorenzo’s please to his son to “Look to Your Heart.” ~Liz Keill, TAP NJ

"The stylized wrought-iron fire-escapes by set designer Beowulf Boritt provide the necessary sense of place. There is craftsmanship in the show's overall design." ~Jim Beckerman, The Bergen Record

"Scenic design, by Beowulf Boritt,.. An authentic backdrop for an ethnic neighborhood in the 1960s, the set has the perfect dimensions for a game of stick ball, with a homerun being somewhere in the third row of the orchestra." ~John Kazmark, NJ Hills Media Group

"The moody mix of apartment buildings with fire escapes and a bar deftly designed by Beowulf Boritt." ~Nancy Churnin, The Dallas Morning News

"Belmont and 187th and is recreated within Beowulf Boritt’s intriguing set design that includes Madonia, Gino’s Pastry Shop, and Mike’s Deli from the old neighborhood." ~Janice L. Franklin, Theatre Jones (Dallas)

"It all takes place on an eye-catching, evocative set by Beowulf Boritt." ~Rob Hubbard, Twin Cities Pioneer Press