The Who's Tommy

by Pete Townshend & Des McAnuff

Dallas Theater Center

Directed by Kevin Moriarty, Choreographed by Joel Ferrell

Costumes by Greg Robbins, lighting by Tyler Micoleau, sound by Ryan Rummery


Tommy Can You Hear Me?

Health L. Williams II, Betsey Wolfe and Oso Closo

Pinball Wizard

Cedric Nel & Company


Nehal Joshi, Heath L. Williams II, Betsey Wolfe & Company

Pinball Wizard

Christian St. John Chiles & Oso Closo

Smash The Mirror

Cedric Neal, Nehal Joshi, Betsey Wolfe and Oso Closo

Eyesight to the Blind

Heath L. Williams II, Liz Mikel, Jordan Hall & Company

I'm Free


Set Rendering

"Scenic designer Beowulf Borrit's gritty stage set-up, which boasts three stories of catwalks, a truly panoramic width (at the stage's farthest reaches, the actors nearly walk among the audience) and even a few water-filled crevices on the stage's main floor (whose dramatic reflections and splashes only add to the spectacle), lays the base for the visual onslaught. The audience is served a complete sensory feast." ~Pete Freedman, The Dallas Observer

"Beowulf Borritt's scenic design is a contortion of metal, wood, and water. A long, winding metal staircase serves as its centerpiece,while in front is a long, dark & sinister catwalk. Anchoring the stage is wooden platforms, but underneath is flowing water. The entire setis framed by decaying walls with punched holes and metal beams. It's a sublime design that allows so much of the staging to come to life." ~John Garcia,