The Who's Tommy

by Pete Townshend & Des McAnuff

Dallas Theater Center

Kevin Moriarty, Director


Tommy Can You Hear Me?

Health L. Williams II, Betsey Wolfe and Oso Closo

Pinball Wizard

Cedric Nel & Company


Nehal Joshi, Heath L. Williams II, Betsey Wolfe & Company

Pinball Wizard

Christian St. John Chiles & Oso Closo

Smash The Mirror

Cedric Neal, Nehal Joshi, Betsey Wolfe and Oso Closo

Eyesight to the Blind

Heath L. Williams II, Liz Mikel, Jordan Hall & Company

I'm Free


Set Rendering

"Scenic designer Beowulf Borrit's gritty stage set-up, which boasts three stories of catwalks, a truly panoramic width (at the stage's farthest reaches, the actors nearly walk among the audience) and even a few water-filled crevices on the stage's main floor (whose dramatic reflections and splashes only add to the spectacle), lays the base for the visual onslaught. The audience is served a complete sensory feast."

~Pete Freedman, The Dallas Observer

"Beowulf Borritt's scenic design is a contortion of metal, wood, and water. A long, winding metal staircase serves as its centerpiece,while in front is a long, dark & sinister catwalk. Anchoring the stage is wooden platforms, but underneath is flowing water. The entire setis framed by decaying walls with punched holes and metal beams. It's a sublime design that allows so much of the staging to come to life."

~John Garcia,