Little Miss Sunshine

by James Lapine & William Finn

Second Stage

James Lapine, Director

set and projections by Beowulf Boritt, costumes by Jennifer Caprio, lighitng by Ken Billington, sound by John Weston


Brief article about the set:

Rory O'Malley and David Rasche

Hanna Rose Nordberg, Will Swenson, Rory O'Malley, David Rasche, Leonay Sheperd, Victoria Dennis, and Alivia Clark.

Stephanie J. Block, Rory O'Malley, Hanna Rose Nordberg, Logan Rowland, David Rasche, and Will Swenson.

Will Swenson and Stephanie J. Block.

Miranda McKeon, Leonay Sheperd, Josh Lamon and Jennifer Sanchez.

"Mr. Lapine cleverly creates the van by shifting around a suite of wheeled dining chairs. (Beowulf Boritt has designed a witty set that riffs on Google maps.) " ~Charles Isherwood, NYT

" Designer Beowulf Boritt’s appropriate single set for Little Miss Sunshine is a map of Interstate 40, which snakes from the lip of the stage and wraps around the playing space to extend up over the audience’s heads." ~David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

" The scenic and projection design by Beowulf Boritt was succinct (a map stretched from the floor to the ceiling and out over the audience)" ~Michael Giltz, The Huffington Post

"The production also benefits from Beowulf Boritt's inventive set design, in which a deck representing a road map rises up to form the upstage wall before curving out into the house; also located upstage is a set of video screens on which Boritt projects plenty of moving scenery as the family makes its way across the Southwest." ~David Barbour, Lighting & Sound America