A View From The Bridge

by Arthur Miller

Gate Theatre, Dublin, Ireland

Joe Dowling, dir.


Scott Aiello and Bosco Hogan

Scott Aiello, Lauren Coe, and Niamh McCann

Niamh McCann and Scott Aiello

"Against a black and white Brooklyn backdrop, designer Beowulf Boritt has brilliantly created the world of these immigrant longshoremen, all wooden scaffolding and ropes on pulleys, a set which remarkably transforms into the cramped apartment of the Carbones. Dowling has created a strong and compelling production and one that is most beautifully designed." ~Sophie Gorman, The Irish Independent

"And Beowulf Boritt's set ... is a star in itself." ~Emer O'Kelly, The Irish Independent- Sunday Indo Living

"A remarkable, complex, and extraordinarily evocative set by Beowulf Boritt." ~Emer O'Kelly, The Irish Independent- 2015 roundup