Meteor Shower

By Steve Martin

Directed by Jerry Zaks

Costumes by Ann Roth, Lighting by Natasha Katz, Sound by Fitz Patton

Booth Theater


Amy Schumer and Jeremy Shamos

Laura Benanti and Amy Schumer

Keegan-Michael Key and Amy Schumer

Laura Benanti and Jeremy Shamos

Amy Schumer and Jeremy Shamos

Broadwayworld article about the design.

“Beowulf Boritt’s set, which rotates to give us both indoor and outdoor views of Corky and Norm’s ultrabougie bungalow, provides seamless support for the domestic shenanigans that ensue, and Natasha Katz’s lighting — full of twinkling stars and blazing meteorites — buoys the atmosphere with finesse and charm.” ~Sara Holdren, New York Magazine

“Martin rewinds the action multiple times to start the evening on a different note, before the men amble off into the garden to study the sky and the women get better acquainted on the sofa over drinks. Beowulf Boritt's clever set spins back and forth between interior and exterior, allowing director Zaks to keep the action humming along at a brisk clip as flirtation turns to swinger-style seduction with a dangerous agenda.” ~David Rooney, Hollywood reporter

"The inky sky encircles the couple’s gorgeous, sleek home, ingeniously designed by Beowulf Boritt to reverse itself to become its own patio." ~Tim Teeman, Daily Beast

“It's a visual treat thanks to the reliable magic of scenic and lighting designers Beowulf Boritt and Natasha Katz.” ~ Roma Torre, NY1

“ Modern Californian home in Ojai designed by Beowulf Boritt to tickle Broadway theatergoers’ fetish for flashy real estate. The blasts of Beethoven and the jaunty celestial displays between scenes accentuate the briskness of Zaks’ staging.” ~Charles McNulty, The Los Angeles Times

“Like the grownups they fancy themselves to be, Corky and Norm have decorated their home in Beowulf Boritt’s rendering of Mannered Modern and are dressed to match in costumer Ann Roth’s notion of ’90s chic.” ~Marilyn Stasio Variety

“And the meteors do fly, brilliantly… the couples toy with each other, easclating the insults and innuendos as they wander from living room to backyard on Beowulf Boritt’s striking set. As Norm says, “This place could be in Architectural Digest”.” ~Barbara Schuler, Newsday

“With its oversize windows looking out at the mountains, Corky and Norm’s place is by-the-numbers chic, expensive and taste-free in Beowulf Boritt’s exacting evocation.” ~ Jeremy Gerard, Deadline Hollywood