A Number

by Caryl Churchill

Pittsburgh Public Theater

Directed by Jesse Berger

set and costumes by Beowulf Boritt, Lighting by Scott Zeilinski


"Scenic/costume designer Beowulf Boritt plays artfully with this dilemma. Can the difference between the clones be as superficial as an actor changing costumes? Berger forces the issue by having Baldwin change costume pieces on stage. Articles of clothing are pulled from one of the many boxes that form the towering set. Each box is labeled with a set of numbers, so it's as if the personality, the person, is pulled ready-made from these boxes of scientific data. Boritt adds another dimension to 'A Number' with a set that, when darkened, looks ominously like a city skyline. Lighting designer Scott Zielinski illuminates several boxes, and suddenly they're windows in rows of nondescript apartments."~ Anna Rosenstein, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Looming over set designer Beowulf Boritt's spare setting are a mountain of grey boxes that hint at the forbidding possibilities of institutional duplication." ~Alice T. Carter, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review