by Jasmina Reza

Delaware Theatre Company

Directed by David Stradley

Costumes by Charlotte Cloe Fox Wind, lighting by Joshua Schulman, sound by Mark Valenzuela


Barrymore Award

Pete Pryor, Stephen Patrick Martin, & James Michael Reilly

"Beowulf Boritt's set is extravagantly modern. The background looks like crumpled paper, there is

a frame of glass boxes and contemporary furniture sits on a shiny black platform. It provides an excellent boxing ring for the entertainment."

~ Debra Neff Nathans- Delaware News Journal

"Beowulf Boritt's monochrome set of Spartan elegance."

~ Howard Shapiro, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"The color white has dominated other productions, but scenic designer Beowulf Boritt uses black as a counterpoint to the white painting. A shiny black diamond-shaped platform occupies most of the stage, which is dotted with modern black furniture. Two 16-by-16-foot panels, made of large, dark Plexiglas tiles, are suspended behind the platform as the apartments' walls. The painting is suspended before the wall."

~ Christopher Yasiejko, The Delaware News Journal