The Hallway Plays

by Adam Rapp

Rattlestick Theatre

Rose: directed by Adam Rapp

Parrafin: directed by Daniel Aukin

Nursing: directed by Trip Cullman

costumes by Jessica Pabst, lighting by Tyler Micoleau, sound by Eric Shimelonis



William Apps & Sarah Lemp


Maria Dizzia & Jeremy Strong


Tyrone Williams & Logan Marshall-Green

"The set, by Beowulf Boritt, precisely captures the borderline-squalid milieu." ~Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

"You notice a disturbing design: Progressively, the paint peels and flakes; the plaster cracks, revealing listing joists and termite-nibbled shims; trash gradually piles up... An ace design crew are the village needed to create this novelistic panoply." ~David Cote, Time Out

"Designer Beowulf Boritt delivers striking work." ~Joe Dziemianowicz, the New York Daily News

"Although all three works take place in the same apartment hallway, set designer Beowulf Boritt has incorporated subtle and not-so-subtle differences to the locale to showcase the passage of time." ~Dan Bacalzo, Theatremania

"Beowulf Borrit's set, which completely reconfigures the Rattlestick's space, is a cunning conception; it's fun to return to each play simply to see how it has been redressed to fit its new time period." ~David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America

"Designer Beowulf Boritt contributes a long, realistically grubby corridor that manifests the wear of passing decades." ~Michael Sommers, New Jersey Newsroom

"Production design looks to have been a massive undertaking, fully rotating the Rattlestick Theater to seat the audience along the entry wall. Beowulf Boritt's outstanding set design rewards the effort. The hallway itself stretches from the usual Rattlestick stage across the former seating area, with a multi-level stairwell, an accessible fire escape, an upright piano, and four apartment doors, through which we can glimpse details characteristic of each occupant." ~Nathaniel Kressen