by Selina Fillinger

The Shubert Theatre

Directed by Susan Stroman

Costumes by Lindo Cho, Lighting by Sonoyo Nishikawa, Sound by Jessica Paz


Tony Award Nomination

THE CHIEF OF STAFF'S OFFICE: Julie White & Suzy Nakamura

THE DIPLOMATIC RECEPTION ROOM: Julianne Hough, Lea Delaria, Vanessa Williams, Suzy Nakamura, Julie White, & Rachel Dratch

A HALLWAY: Julianne Hough, Lea Delaria, & Suzy Nakamura

THE PRESS SECRETARY'S OFFICE: Lilli Cooper & Suzy Nakamura

TRANSITION: Lilli Cooper & Julie White

THE WOMEN'S BATHROOM: Lilli Cooper, Julianne Hough, & Rachel Dratch


THE CHIEF OF STAFF'S OFFICE: Julie White & Suzy Nakamura

THE FIRST LADY'S OFFICE: Vanessa Williams & Rachel Dratch

THE PRESIDENT'S SECRETARY'S OFFICE: Vanessa Williams, Julie White, & Rachel Dratch

TRANSITION: Lea Delaria & Julie White

THE DIPLOMATIC RECEPTION ROOM: Lilli Cooper, Rachel Dratch, Julianne Hough, Julie White, Vanessa Williams, Suzy Nakamura, & Lea Delaria

THE FEMALE MODELS OF LEADERSHIP GALA: Vanessa Williams, Suzy Nakamura, Julianne Hough, & Julie White

“Farce is a science, and Fillinger has the right equipment—a dynamite cast, doors to slam (the whirligig set is by Beowulf Boritt), and props to hurl.” ~Michael Schulman, The New Yorker

“Beowulf Boritt’s cunningly devised set—which rotates a seemingly endless number of rooms on a turntable.” ~Adam Feldman, Time out

“Beowulf Boritt’s grandly rendered, revolving set of West Wing interiors.” ~Peter Marks, The Washington Post

“The turntable set (by Beowulf Boritt) that efficiently rotates the early action from room to room, like a White House Lazy Susan.” ~Jesse Green, The New York Times

“Beowulf Boritt contributed the excellent rotating set of White House offices that serves as the equivalent of all those Noises Off slamming doors.” ~Greg Evans, Deadline

“On Beowulf Boritt’s constantly moving set of rotating rooms and hallways, there’s a death, a drug trip, and gallons of blue-tinted vomit.” ~ Johnny Oleksinski, New York Post

“Scenic design by Beowulf Boritt seamlessly directs the action with a segmented turntable. As we leave each scene, audiences sit in the anticipation of simply who is going to be in the next room.” ~Amanda Marie Miller Theaterly

“Because beneath the hard, sweet shell of this comic jawbreaker is a bitter abscess filled with rage. How did dumb*ss Donald defeat brilliant Hillary? POTUS is catharsis for those of us still scratching our heads. Take your mind off it with the breakneck pace of director Susan Stroman and clever scenic design by Beowulf Boritt.” ~ Merryn Johns, Queerty

“So much of the first act unfolds in scenes lasting only a minute or two that one wonders if POTUS began as a screenplay; fortunately, scenic designer Beowulf Boritt has come up with a turntable that whisks us to multiple locations in seconds.” ~David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America

“In a succession of scenes unfolding as set designer Beowolf Boritt’s gorgeous, generally triangular rooms turn.” ~David Finkle, NY Stage Review

“Elegant rooms of the White House that spin around on designer Beowulf Boritt’s turntable set.” ~New York Theatetr

“The wild action is enhanced by Sonoyo Nishikawa’s high-key lighting and a rapidly rotating set by Beowulf Boritt that shifts with the scenes from historic room to room in the tastefully furnished White House.” ~Deb Miller, DC Metro