by Barry Manilow & Bruce Sussman

Warren Carlisle, Director & Choreographer

Barrymore Theater, 2023

Also: National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene

Costumes by Lindo Cho & Ricky Lurie, Lighting by Jules Fisher & Peggy Eisenhauer, Sound by Dan Moses Schreier, Media by Batwin & Robin Productions

Daniel Z. Miller

Blake Roman, Steven Telsey, Zal Owen, Danny Kornfeld, Eric Peters, & Sean Bell

Bronwyn Tarboton & Kayleen Seidl

Kate Wesler, Steven Telsey, Blake Roman, Eric Peters, Zal Owen, Sean Bell, & Danny Kornfeld

Danny Kornfeld & Sierra Boggess

Eric Peters, Blake Roman, Zal Owen, Steven Telsey, Danny Kornfeld, & Sean Bell

Sean Bell, Danny Kornfeld, Lee Zarrett, Zal Owen, Steven Telsey, Kate Wesler, Blake Roman, & Eric Peters


Daniel Z. Miller

Andrew O'Shanick & Company

Allison Semmes & Company

Eric Peters, Zal Owen, Steven Telsey, Blake Roman, Sean Bell, & Danny Kornfeld

Bronwyn Tarboton, Blake Roman, RhonniRose Mantilla, Kate Wesler, Benjamin H. Moore, & Company

Steven Telsey, Blake Roman, Danny Kornfeld, Chip Zien, Eric Peters, Sean Bell, & Zal Owen

 “Staging the show in a giant mirrored box (the set is by Beowulf Boritt) that adds further depth by confronting the audience with its own complicity.” ~David Gordon, Theatermania


“Played out on Beowulf Boritt’s simple set, outfitted with dark glass panels that reflect the Harmonists’ silhouettes. It’s as if their ghosts are stalking the Barrymore stage, with Zien in the role of haunted master of ceremonies.”   ~Peter Marks, Washington Post


“The production design from Beowulf Boritt features a versatile black-box-meets-hall-of-mirrors set that becomes equally convincing as the front or back of a nightclub, a Berlin alleyway, or a moving train, among others.”  ~Jesse Hassenger, Guardian


Playing on an attractive, minimalist set designed by Beowulf Boritt that make fine use of the Art Deco trappings of so many nightclubs, concert halls and movie sets.”   ~Greg Evans, Deadline


“Beowulf Boritt’s simple but snazzy black-patent-leather-like box of a set and Warren Carlyle’s snappy direction and choreography continue to contribute plenty of sizzle.”    ~Sandy MacDonald, New York Stage Review


“The high-level Harmony reaches in the writing is matched by Beowolf Borritt’s swank set.”  ~David Finkle, New York Stage Review

Beowulf Boritt’s sleek Art Deco box set” ~Robert Hoffler, The Wrap


Beowulf Boritt’s set is a dark, mirrored box creating a sense of unending historical continuum. It reflects the six members of the Comedian Harmonists as they tour their native Germany – and then the world – before their career is cut short.”     ~Lane Williamson, The Stage


Polished to shining perfection on Beowolf Boritt’s sleek set”   ~Carol Rocamora, Theater Pizzazz

“Beowulf Boritt's set, assembled from dark, mirrored panels in forced perspective, serves as a surface for the fragmented, collage-like images created by Batwin + Robin Productions, effectively suggesting that the action unfolds in the older Rabbi's mind.” `David Barbour, Lighitng and Sound America