42nd Street

by Mark Bramble, Michael Stewart, Harry Warren, and Al Dubin

U.S. National Tour

Directed by Mark Bramble, Choreographed by Randy Skinner

Costumes by Roger Kirk, Lighting by Ken Billington


Backstage: Caitlin Ehlinger, Britte Steele, Steven Bidwell, DJ Canaday , Blake Stadnik, Natalia Lepore Hagan , Carlos

Morales, Lamont Brown, Rob Ouellette, Matthew Alexander, Michael Persson, Brady Miller, Tommy Joscelyn, Patrick

Heffernan, Joel Chambers, Mitchell Canfield, Vanessa Mitchell, Sarah Fagan, Mallory Nolting, Jocelyn Moss, Emily Blake

Anderson, Kahlia Davis, Georgina Moore, Taylore Burke, Alicia Newcom, Courtney Moran, Allison Blanchard, Mandy Modic,

Lucia Foster, Brittany Bigelow, Kelly Gleason, Molly Jean Blodgett, and Trica DeSario.

Dames: Caitlin Ehlinger and company.

Getting Out Of Town: Matthew J. Taylor and company.

Philadelphia Regency Hotel: Mark Fishback , Kaitlin Lawrence, and company.

Garden Song: Blake Stadnik and company.

In The Money: Blake Stadnik and company.

Backstage: Caitlin Ehlinger and Matthew J. Taylor.

Broad Street Station: Blake Stadnik, Matthew J. Taylor and Caitlin Ehlinger.

Show Drop: Company.

42nd Sreet: Caitlin Ehlinger and company.

42nd Sreet: Blake Stadnik, Caitlin Ehlinger and company.

"Beowulf Boritt's opulent yet smartly economic and travel-friendly set designs." ~Michael L. Quintos, Broadway World Los Angeles

"A visual treat, the huge flats that make up most of Beowulf Boritt’s scenic design are half realistic, half fable-like and all vibrant." ~Eric Marchese, Orange County Register

"Beowulf Boritt's opulent yet smartly economic and travel-friendly set designs." ~Michael L. Quintos, Broadwayworld Los Angeles

"The look of the revival is also lush, with Tony Award-winning costume designer Roger Kirk returning to add his sparkling revival costumes to the polished new work of set designer Beowulf Boritt and lighting designer Ken Billington." ~Scott C. Morgan, Chicago Daily Herald

" Tony Award winner Beowulf Boritt's scenic ingenuity and Ken Billington's lighting were most probably influenced by Berkeley's use of kaleidoscope dance. They breathed in that creativity and channeled it to design and light." ~Greer Firestone, Denver Post

"This production sparkles like a 10-carat diamond. The setting takes full advantage of the Busby Berkeley/ Zeigfeld Follies tradition, opening with the stage framed like a 1920s Broadway theater, complete with red velvet curtain. The Tony Award-winning design team includes scenic designs by Beowulf Boritt." ~Reno Langley, Durham Triangle

"The show opens with the curtain rising only a few yards... then it opens to fully reveal Beowulf Borritt’s gorgeous backdrops." ~Mark Lowry, Fort Worth Star-Telegram