The Squirrels

By Robert Askins

La Jolla Playhouse

Christopher Ashley, director

lighting by Tyler Micoleau, costumes by Paloma Young, sound by Cricket S. Myers, projections by John Narun


Lakisha May, Candy Buckley, and Summer Spiro.

Marcus Terrell, Lakisha May, Terence Archie, Candy Buckley, and Summer Spiro.

Brad Oscar

Candy Buckley, Brad Oscar, Lakisha May, and Terence Archie.

Brad Oscar and Summer Spiro

Sidney Hill, Max Singer, Danielle Wineman, Marcus Terrell, and Candy Buckley.

“The set (the brilliant work of Tony-winner Beowulf Boritt) is a metal, abstracted tree, with multiple levels, beautifully lit by Tyler Micoleau.” ~Pat Launer, Times of San Diego

“The action plays out on a stylish, industrial black steel tree structure designed by Beowulf Boritt, which hints at the hidden brutalism in squirrel culture.” ~ Pat Kragen, San Diego Tribune

“The designers — Paloma Young, costumes; Tyler Micoleau, lighting; Cricket S. Myers, sound — are among the best in the country. As is Beowulf Boritt. His set’s a vast, metallic skeleton — of a tree, a squirrel, a dinosaur? — flanked by clusters of cattails. It’s at once eye-grabbing and functional.” ~San Diego Reader