Midsummer Night's Dream

by William Shakespeare

Dallas Theater Center

Directed by Kevin Moriarty

Costumes by Claudia Stephens, lighting by Tyler Micoleau


Act I, scene i

Rukhmani K. Desai, Lee Trull & Company

Act II, scene i

Dexter Hostetter & Company

Act II, scene ii

Rukhmani Desai, Lee Trull and Abbey Siegworth

Act IV, scene i

Liz Mikel, Chamblee Ferguson & Company

Act V, scene i

Sally Nystuen Vahle, Bryan Pitts & Company

"In an ode to New York's original subway graffiti artist, Keith Haring, all the characters, especially the fairies, splattered graffiti on the floor, the back wall, the balcony walls, and pretty much anything not moving with fanciful designs that were appropriate to the play and its magic. I commend scenic designer Beowulf Boritt for making his set a blank canvas upon which the actors figuratively and literally painted the scenes." ~Mary L. Clark, Pegasus News

"By the end of the show every board around the theater is packed with images. There's one other set surprise at the end of the show having to do with the chalkboards. I don't want to spoil the surprise. But I'll give you a hint. The moment plays homage to graffiti artist Keith Haring. So though the set, by Beowulf Boritt, is minimalist, just a few steps and some hanging chalkboards, it works hard and well." ~Jenny Block, The Dallas Edge