Be More Chill

By Joe Iconis and Joe Tracz

Directed by Stephen Brackett, Choreographed by Chase Brock

Costumes by Bobby Fredrick Tilley III, Lighting by Tyler Micoleau, Projections by Alex Koch, Sound by Ryan Rummery

Lyceum Theater

also Signature Theatre Center


Will Roland and Jason Tam

Lauren Marcus, Katlyn Carlson, and Stephanie Hsu

Jason Tam and Company

Gerard Canonico and Will Roland

Jason Tam

Jason Tam, Katlyn Carlson, Lauren Marcus, and Will Roland

Will Roland

George Salazar

Jason Tam, Will Roland, and Lauren Marcus

Will Roland, Jason Tam, and Katlyn Carlson

Jason Tam, Will Roland, and Jason Jason SweetTooth Williams

Will Roland, George Salazar, and Gerard Canonico

Jason Tam and Will Roland

Off-Broadway at Signature Theatre Center

Will Roland & Jason Tam.


Will Roland, Britton Smith, Tiffany Mann, George Salazar, Jason SweetTooth Williams, Katlyn Carlson, Gerard Canonico, Lauren Marcus, and Stehpanie Hsu.

School Bathroom

Gerard Canonico and Will Roland.


Jason SweetTooth Williams, Will Roland, and George Salazar.

Play Rehearsal

Tiffany Mann, Lauren Marcus, Katlyn Carlson, and Stephanie Hsu.

Food Court

George Salazar and Will Roland.

Food Court

Jason Tam and company.

Food Court

Jason Tam and Company.

Forever 21

Tiffany Mann, Will Roland, and Jason Tam.

Halloween Party

Britton Smith, Will Roland, and company.

Michael in the Bathroom

George Salazar


Lauren Marcus, Katlyn Carlson, Will Roland, and Jason Tam.

Pitiful Children

Jason Tam and Company.


Katlyn Carlson, Tiffany Mann, Will Roland, and Stephanie Hsu.


Jason Tam

“The set (by Beowulf Boritt), lighting (Tyler Micoleau) costumes (Bobby Frederick Tilley II) and projections (Alex Basco Koch) bring to mind bright fan fiction comic books drawn in fluorescent crayon.” ~Ben Brantley, New York Times

“Beowulf Boritt’s set, accented by fluorescent frames, ingeniously suggests lives held in thrall by technology.” ~Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“The themes of present-day high school, digital-age pop culture, and science-fiction fantasy are brilliantly underscored by Beowulf Boritt’s clever and fast-moving scenic design (employing the recurrent shape of a cell phone for the set’s series of proscenium arches, windows, and posters).” ~Deb Miller, DC Metro

“The costumes, the scenic design, the projections of computer gimcrackery and video game effects all seem buffed, beglittered and amped up just enough to suit Broadway demands without swamping the heart and humor that caught everyone’s attention in the first place.” ~Greg Evans, Deadline Hollywood

“Excellent design undergirds these performances: Beowulf Boritt's set of sliding screens focuses our eyes while providing for the expedient movement of set pieces and performers. It also serves as a constant reminder of the glass portals through which these characters (and increasingly, all Americans) socialize. Boritt collaborates closely with projection designer Alex Basco Koch to create the digital world of the Squip… all contribute to a carnival atmosphere, making this the craziest party on Broadway.” ~Zachary Stewart, Theatremania

“everything's been spruced up for Broadway — the cool computer-screen set by Beowulf Boritt.” ~Barbara Schuler, Newsday

“Scenic design, by Beowulf Boritt, … elaborate and dazzling.” -Jay Lustig, NJArts

“Director Stephen Brackett and Tony-winning set designer Beowulf Boritt make the action swift, and the glossy, 80s-like setting sleek and techy without New Wave kitsch. No theater piece has made tech-nerdiness look or sound as modern and warm.” ~A.D.Amorosi, Variety

“Stephen Brackett's supercharged production maintains that winning combination through stage pictures rarely seen outside of an animated feature. His multidimensional blocking is facilitated by Beowulf Boritt's sleek set of frames within frames, making it appear as though the show is taking place within a computer. It also offers multiple surfaces for Alex Basco Koch's eye-popping digital projections.” ~Zachary Stewart, Theatermania

“Alex Basco Koch’s projections paired with Beowulf Boritt’s scenic design provide an effective mix of high school hallway and hallucinatory hi-tech.” ~Stanford Friedman, New York Theatre Guide

“The production, directed by Stephen Brackett, is a raucous good time, with a gleefully silly, hyperkinetic air that invades its every facet, including the set by Beowulf Boritt, which resembles a computer interior.” ~Matt Windman, AM New York