By Charles Strouse, Martin Charnin and Thomas Meehan

U.S. National Tour

Directed by Martin Charnin, Choreographed by Liza Genaro

Costumes by Suzy Bensinger, Lighting by Ken Billington, Sound by Peter Hylenski


Orphanage: Issie Swickle, Angelina Carballo, Adia Dant, Lillybea Ireland, Sydney Schuck, Lilly Mae Stewart, and Isabel Wallch

Lower East Side: Issie Swickle and Sunny

Hooverville:Issie Swickle, Amy Burgmaier, Cameron MItchell Bell, John Cormer, Brian Cowing, Todd Fenstermaker, Jake Mills, Meghan Seaman, Hannah Slabaugh and Lily Emilia Smith.

Warbuck's Mansion: Ashley Edler, Issie Swickle and Company.

N.Y.C.: Ashley Edler, Gilgamesh Taggett, Issie Swickle and Company.

Warbuck's Study: Ashley Edler and Gilgamesh Taggett.

Warbuck's Mansion: Ashley Edler, Gilgamesh Taggett, Issie Swickle and Company.

"Nifty sets courtesy of Beowulf Boritt." ~Alexis Soloski, New York Times

"The most notable aspect of this new production may be the sets by 2014 Tony-winning designer Beowulf Boritt, who was born in Concord. There's no high-concept razzle dazzle here. Boritt uses traditional scrims and flats to create a 1933 Manhattan orphanage and a Fifth Avenue skyline, a Hooverville in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge, and a billionaire's mansion. The magic is in the way one folds away to reveal another." ~Joel Brown, The Boston Globe

" Set designer Beowulf Boritt has created an impressive array of detailed and opulent sets for the tour. Revolving units and scenic drops move between the orphanage to the understated affluence of Warbucks' mansion. " ~ Alice T. Carter, Pittsburgh Tribune

"Best of all is Beowulf Boritt's set designs perfectly lit by veteran Tony-winner Ken Billington to create the grimy, downtrodden orphanage and the grom Hooverville, which contract perfectly with the fairy tale opulence of Warbuck's mansion. Boritt, who is becoming the dean of the next generation of designers,is especially skilled at whipping up seemingly three-dimensional backdrops of a black-and-white New York City from St. Patrick's Cathedral to the Brooklyn Bridge looming over Hooverville camps." ~Bill Hirshman, Florida Theatre On Stage

"Beowulf Boritt's set adheres to tradition, but also features some eye-popping backdrops." ~Robert Bullen, Huffington Post

"Breathtaking scenic design by Tony Award winner Beowulf Boritt." ~Phil Potempa, North West Indiana Times

"The show looks fabulous. The well-realized sets are by Beowulf Boritt. (I'm not making these names up, you know.) The variety of backdrops are rich in detail and vividly depict the New York of the period." ~Theodore P. Mahne, New Orleans Times-Picayune

"It certainly looks good. Fittingly for such an old-fashioned show based on an old-fashioned comic strip, the scenic design (by Beowulf Boritt) has a comfy quality, right down to the vivid painted drops of vintage New York." ~Tim Smith, Baltimore Sun

"The knockout stage set designed by Beowulf Boritt was absolutely breathtaking — from a shabby orphanage and homeless camp underneath the Brooklyn Bridge to a palatial mansion on Fifth Avenue during the Great Depression." ~Marcia Morphy, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

"Beowulf Boritt’s sets include a dark, dreary orphanage, an expansive backdrop of Central Park and the impressively ornate Warbucks mansion. " ~Eric Marchese, Orange County Register

"From a Dickensian orphanage to spend Christmas at his Fifth Avenue mansion. Scenic designer Beowulf Boritt delivers richly detailed treatments of both strata." ~Judith Newmark, St. Louis Post Dispatch

"The set design by Beowulf Boritt, a visually splendid construct." ~David Dunkle, PennLive

"Beowulf Boritt’s scenic design is stunning. Graphically accurate backdrops depict Lower Manhattan brownstones and the Brooklyn Bridge. The song “N.Y.C.” is accompanied by a dazzling vista of Central Park, with the Metropolitan Museum of Art . A backdrop of an enormous Presidential Seal defines FDR’s Oval Office. Oh, that we lived in Annie’s world." ~Lynn Trenning, Charlotte Observer

"The sets depicting New York are spectacular, designed by Beowulf Boritt. " ~Linda Ann Watt, Broadway World Charlotte

"Beowulf Boritt’s scenic designs set an incredibly beautiful stage that encompasses the subtle juxtaposition of beauty amidst poverty—a stunning representation of the premise of the musical." ~Shashana Pearson-Hormillosa, D Magazine (Dallas)

"With detailed sets by Tony Award winner Beowulf Boritt that smoothly transport the action from the grittiness of the orphanage to the ornate expansiveness of the Warbucks mansion." ~Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning News

"The show looks wonderful, filling the stage with Beowulf Boritt’s elegant set design crafted from handsome historic photographs of New York City in the 1930s, and plush interiors with a grand winding staircase." ~Marta Heimberg, Theatre Jones (Dallas)

"Beowulf Boritt’s incredible layered scenic design that smoothly transforms the stage from orphanage to cityscape to billionaire’s mansion. It’s the kind of eye-candy set that makes Broadway National Tours so much fun to watch." ~Holly Quinn, Delaware News Journal

"It unfolds on excellent sets and backdrops by Beowulf Boritt." ~ Colin Dabkowski, Buffalo News

"Sets designed by Tony winner Beowulf Boritt. The shabby orphanage and scenes depicting the New York Cityscape have astounding authenticity and the painted curtains used as backdrops in Warbucks’ mansion create a wonderful illusion of scope, depth and grandeur." ~Bob Abelman, Cleveland News-Herald

"Accomplished designer Beowulf Boritt offers a squalid-looking two-story tenement for the orphanage and big Manhattan vistas in graphic design flat backdrops." ~Nelson Pressley, Washington Post

"The production also features absolutely magnificent sets by Tony Award-winning scene designer Beowulf Boritt, who has included, in addition to a horrifically dilapidated orphanage, backdrops with phenomenal views of Depression-era Manhattan hung so deep that it literally seems endless – it’s impossible to tell where the back of the stage was." ~Emily Gilson, D.C. Metro

"There's an impressive Beowulf Boritt set that makes good use of the height of the National's stage, and frequent set changes, refreshing for a touring production." ~Ellen Burns, Broadway World D.C.

"The scenery by Tony Award-winning designer Beowulf Boritt was stunning and worked magnificently with the lighting designed by Ken Billington. The scenes they created inside the Warbucks’ mansion and on the streets of New York were breathtaking. " ~Cindy Conger, Lincoln Star Journal

"An exceedingly handsome show, boasting gorgeous sets by Beowulf Boritt. ~Punch Shaw, Fort Worth Star Telegram

"Varied sets by Beowulf Boritt that capture the seedy environment of the orphanage and the opulence of Warbucks' mansion." ~ Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"The scenic design (by Beowulf Boritt) is impressive and transporting." ~ Christopher Frizzelle, The Stranger (Seattle)