Give It Up

by Douglas Carter Beane and Lewis Flinn

Dallas Theater Center

Directed and choreographed by Dan Knechtges

Costumes by David Woolard, lighting by Ben Stanton, sound by Tony Meola


Opening Number

Liz Mikel & Company

First Basketball Game

Andrew Rannells & Company

The Library

Patty Murin, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, and Curtis Holbrook

The Brothel

Liz Mikel & Company

The Brothel

Liz Mikel, Telly Leung, Andrew Rannells and Xavier Cano

The Locker Room

Andrew Rannells, Justin Keyes & Company

The Challenge

Katie Boren, Patty Murin, Carla Duren and Noemi Del Rio


Andrew Rannells & Company

"Set designer Beowulf Boritt provides simple but serviceable designs for Athens U. and the Eros -- complete with scene-setting columns that double as bookshelves -- via an exceptionally imaginative commingling of humongous bathroom tiles, neon signage and strategically positioned door frames.'

~Joe Leydon, Daily Variety

"Boritt's marvelous scenic design for Athens University is all painted in azure and emerald tones to resemble tiles. He has four large columns that move all over the stage to create various locations on campus."

~John Garcia, Dallas Pegasus News