The Two and Only

by Jay Johnson

Helen Hayes Theatre

Also: International Arts Theatre, London

Atlantic Theatre, NYC

Brentwood Theatre, Los Angeles

American Repertory Theatre, Boston

Directed by Paul Krepple & Murphy Cross

Lighting by Clifton Taylor, Sound by David Gotwald


Jay Johnson

Sketch of set at the Atlantic Theatre

"There's a sweet, self-effacing quality to Johnson's unforced stage manner, magnified by his willingness to play second fiddle whenever he has a puppet in hand. Those co-stars are liberated from a jumble of suitcases, boxes and baskets spread across an expanse of blue that extends heavenward in Beowulf Boritt's simple set, which hints that the dummies have both a life and an afterlife."

~David Rooney, Daily Variety

"We meet them one by one as Johnson removes them from a collection of tawny-colored cases, crates and baskets scattered across the simple but striking dark-blue set, created by Beowulf Boritt."

~Joe Dziemianowicz, The New York Daily News